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The Power of The Beast

4 stars The year is 2044, and science has devised a way to make humanity completely compliant. This is achieved through a technology that allows

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Lazy Lisa Frankenstein

1 ½ stars There’s something off about Lisa Frankenstein. It could be the cotton candy colors of the sets and costumes, the way the “jokes”

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An Enthralling Escape

3 stars  The poster shows a young bikini-clad blonde toting a machine gun. The description calls Escape the story of “ten sex-trafficked young women

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Cena Steals Stanicky

3 star Three boys put a huge bag of dog crap (collected from seven different dogs) on the doorstep of a family that didn’t give

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Very, Very Ordinary

2 stars In one particular way, Ordinary Angels is a revelation: After two seasons of watching him kick ass in the Reacher series on Amazon

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