Do You Believe?


January 22, 2023

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There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe Big Foot is real and those who do not. 

For those who believe, On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier will be a fascinating movie. It has plenty of “eyewitness” accounts told by people who have seen the legendary Sasquatch in the Alaskan Wilderness. Some have seen Big Foot up close and personal, while some have only caught a glimpse of him stomping around in the distance. There aren’t any actual photos from these encounters, just some imaginative reenactment imagery from the filmmakers. No other proof of the beast’s existence is offered. Yet it’s clear from listening to them that all the people interviewed believe what they say is true. 

So for that first group of people, it will be a hit. They also can celebrate that another film, Land of the Missing and Bigfoot: Beyond the Trail: Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch, is set to be released later in 2023

For the unbelievers? On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier doesn’t really make a strong enough case to change those beliefs. The stories will sound bizarre and unbelievable to them (or, should I confess, to us). Those interviews in what appears to be a Big Foot gift shop will be unintentionally hilarious. The most they will have to say about  On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier is that there are a lot of pretty shots of nature. But no Big Foot to see.


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